Verticalclay.com discusses the uses and benefits of soils, biodegradable fibers and plastics, and recycled materials for a wide range of applications. Through this website, we will tell you the ways to employ a variety of techniques of cob, adobe, superadobe, clay wattle, straw-clay, wattle-and-daub, earthen floors, earthen floors, and also several varieties of bamboo and strawbale construction. We also cover the techniques and applications for retrofit existing structures as well as new construction projects. We hope that Verticalclay.com will become your primary help and guide in creating green, environment-friendly buildings and structures.

It is very important to create green, environment-friendly buildings and structures in these days. We certainly want our living space to be pleasant and enjoyable and healthy. However, if we don’t carefully plan and analyze our projects, the modern installations can easily bring negative impacts to the environment. Therefore, that is a wise idea to start using environment-friendly materials and designs to preserve the qualities of our world.

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