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Celery Seed In Hindi

Celery in Hindi suggests Ajwaain अजवाइन. Celery is a plant. The fruit and seeds are dried or pushed into oil for usage as medicine. Sometimes celery oil is marketed in pill kind. Celery is used to treat joint discomfort (rheumatism), gout, hysteria, uneasiness, headache, weight loss due to malnutrition, anorexia nervosa, and fatigue. Celery is also extremely useful vegetable to have on hand as it can be contributed to a range of meals and made into simple snacks by itself. Add sliced celery to salads or as stick to dips. Celery leaves can be utilized for various dishes, to add flavour.

Celery seeds are brown and tiny in color however have many medical homes. Generally, Ayurveda has actually been utilizing it because countless years. The seeds have been utilized as a spice and flavoring, used either entire or ground in numerous dishes, salads, soups, non vegetarian dishes etc. The seeds provide a medicinally useful essential unstable oil that is advantageous in all inflammatory conditions like joint pains of arthritis & rheumatism. Celery seeds fend off mosquitoes.

Health benefits of Celery Seed
Celery seed are seeds taken from the celery plant. Celery seed might be taken in capsule or even tablet type and might furthermore be consumed raw.

1. Treat indigestion
Celery seeds are used to provide remedy for upset stomach, indigestion, bloating and flatulence. Take 1/4 teaspoon of celery seed with water once routinely which helps to treat the stomach problems.

2. Repels mosquito
Celery seed oil assists to push back mosquitoes. The research study shows that use the gel which consists of 5 to 25% of celery extract to keep mosquitoes away for about 4 hours. Mix couple of drops of Celery seed oil to body lotions and apply it to exposed locations of skin prior to heading out in the evening which keeps mosquitoes away.

3. Normalize high blood pressure
Celery seeds acts as a vasodilator which widens blood vessels and promotes flow. It possesses a diuretic activity which reduces fluid volume in the body. When happen together assists to lower the level of blood pressure, these 2 activities. The research study carried out on 30 clients struggling with mild to moderate high blood pressure levels reveals that 150 mg of Celery seed extract in a day decrease both systolic and diastolic high blood pressure levels. Use one teaspoon of Celery seeds for mild to moderate high blood pressure once a day. If one is taking medication for hypertension, consult the doctor before taking it to avoid having high blood pressure levels falls too low.

4. Deal with menstrual issues
The extract or oil from celery seed is used to deal with menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea, menstrual flow and irregular menstrual cycles. The extract of Celery seed with saffron and anise seed extract daily for first 3 days of menstruation assist with cramps and menstrual pains.

5. Assist to reduce weight
The tea made from Celery seeds assist weight reduction as it boost metabolic process. Boil one teaspoon of crushed celery seed in one cup of water for about 15 to 20 minutes on low heat. When the tea amount reduce to half cup. Consume this half cup of tea twice frequently with daily exercise regimen which assists to lower weight significantly.

6. Reduces stress and anxiety
Utilize the mix of sandalwood and celery seed oil in aromatherapy which is helpful to treat uneasiness, stress and anxiety, insomnia and mental tension. Celery seed oil have soporific and relaxing activity which soothes nervous brain. Take a warm bath having 10 drops of Celery seed oil integrated into water while separately burning Celery seed important oil in a fragrance light or oil burner for about an hour which helps to relieve body and mind as well as help with anxiousness, insomnia and stress and anxiety.

7. Lowers swelling
Celery seeds have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic activity which helps to treat gout, arthritis, unpleasant joints and muscles. The diuretic properties found in seeds get rid of excess uric acid by promoting kidneys which assist in alkalizing blood. Drink one cup of tea prepared with one tablespoon of celery seed twice frequently for alleviating discomfort which is caused by gout crystals. For sciatica discomfort, muscle aches and irritated joints, take warm bath having 10 to 15 drops of Celery oil combined in a bath water which helps to alleviate pain. Mix the celery seed oil with carrier oil and use it directly on inflamed joints or lower back to provide remedy for Sciatica pain.

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